Blood and Saints

Saints are here and they are ready to hunt down all Sinners.
Choose your favorite Character and venture into three different locations. Choose your path.

Will you start as a Saint or as a Sinner?
Collect items, kill dangerous beasts, ring the bell to redeem yourself or visit the Divine Room to confess your sins, and beware sinful temptations along the road!
Complete the objective before your soul is corrupted by sins!

  • Single player




General characteristics

price 6$

The age of men is over…

“I have travelled to places forgotten by men and met
men who have forgotten themselves. It is a painful but
necessary journey and I’m ready for it.””
Robin, playable Character.”


The path is long and full of perils

“Each location features a unique map and
six different missions, with unique objectives and extra rules to spice things up.”

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Blood and Saints
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