Of Mines and Men

Explore the mines, find treasures and gems, complete 30+ missions, and discover the secret that lies beneath the surface.
Three brave brothers, experienced miners, venture the Mysterious Mines to put and end to the curse that turned off the Sun.
They need your help!
Choose your favorite miner, gather resources, craft objects and escape the levels in time…but beware! The mines are full of dynamite which is
extremely dangerous and unstable!
Play alone or together with your friends with more than 30 different missions.
This game also features a PVP game mode and a fast paced Paper Clicker mode.

  • Single player campaign

  • Multi player

  • PVP

  • Paper Clicker game mode

  • 30+ missions

General characteristics

price 10$

Expect the unexpected

“Don’t be fooled by the cartoonish art style of the game.
This is a tale about lost souls. A grim, sad tale.
Venture at your own risk.”


“When dynamite explodes it destroys
a random number of spots around
your location. Make sure not to blow up the exit or you’ll be stuck in the mines forever!”

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Of Mines and Men – Roll and Write Edition
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