Enter the Mansion and explore its floors!
Find clues to discover the comination of the strongbox which hides the key to escape the level.
Clues are hidden in special rooms. You must find the keys in order to open them.
Gather ammunitions, powerful weapons, medikits and power-ups while you explore but beware of the zombies!
You fight them or try to avoid them with the “Stealth” mechanic.

  • Single player




General characteristics

price 6$

Irene Gilbert needs your help!

“Young cadet of the Amityville PD Department. Strong
and courageous, Irene decided to join the APD to continue the search for her
father who disappeared when she was ten. A few days before the events narrated
in “The Mansion”, she received an anonymous letter containing crucial information
about her father.”

the mansion

Game Mechanics

“You can move to all rooms connected with a black line,
while in order to enter special rooms you need the key
relative to the line color. Make sure to have ammunitions in your inventory when you enter a room! Each weapon requires specific type of ammunitions to be used.”

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The Mansion
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