Elves game

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here!

Play alone or gather your friends and family to play this joyful and colorful game.
Santa needs your help! Who will be employee of the month? Well, he or she who collects more Christmas Points!

Single Player
You will receive three different kinds of letters: “Santa’s tasks”, “Children’s Christmas letters” and letters from Leslie, the lazy elf.
Complete these missions before Christmas comes!

Hurry up! Collect log, glue and paint to build toys, and light up the Christmas candles to earn points.
You can also collect charcoal to play a trick on another player and steal his/her Christmas Points.

  • Single player

  • Multi player

  • PVP

General characteristics

price 7$

The most wondeful time of the year!

“Christmas is just a few hours away and Santa is late!
Help him to build toys and become employee of the month!”

elves toys

Advent Calendar!

“Enhance your experience!
The Advent Calendar features 24 daily gifts!”

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